Indigo Pictures is a company with a wide range of creative development and production experience. With an extensive knowledge, background, and network in the Feature Film production and distribution industry, Indigo Pictures constantly has refined its methods of creating and completing quality productions.

With the team’s range of expertise, production experience, and creative properties the company has the ability to shoot straight through an ever-changing market to entertain, collect profits, and target fans from pre-existing genres and audiences on various entertainment platforms.

Indigo Pictures aims to capitalize on all of it’s assets that the team has developed with over 30 years of combined experience in the Film, Television, and Gaming Industries. Our mandate is to create successful production that will leave media development possibilities open to future diversification, distribution, and market placement.


James Ryan Gary

James Ryan Gary is an adaptive, well cultured, and experienced filmmaker and writer. Before working in the Entertainment industry, James served as an Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition to his time in the armed services he worked as a Contractor for the State Department in Iraq during the ongoing ISIL crisis. He has Written, Directed, and Edited multiple feature films. He has supervised and consulted on various types of productions all the way from conception to completion and delivery. James pursues his passions as an artist with great enthusiasm and drive while executing production and business tasks with military discipline and precision.

Katherine Walker

Katherine Walker is a creative visionary whose expertise at crafting compelling stories is equally matched by her artistic and technical abilities to achieve them in production and post production. She is a Texas native that comes from a family of successful creatives, musicians, and filmmakers that push each others passions and ambitions to the forefront of growth. With over 15 years of experience in production, Katherine has not only been a storyteller and an artist herself, but has managed and directed a variety of productions, from photoshoots to political and corporate ad campaigns, to live broadcasted events and feature films. She has edited multiple feature films, as well as managed the feature productions all the way from pre-production to distribution and delivery.

David Alonzo

David Alonzo is an organized, focused, and relentless Creative Producer. His ability to manage a production from conception to completion and see any production as a whole gives him the ability to configure efficient workflows and balance the complex execution of projects. David is a Texas native that has produced cross platform through film, television, gaming, eSports, and new media content with production companies that are leading in each industry. He has worked with the best artists, cinematographers, musicians, developers, and producers to help further their careers, potential, and create opportunities that without his help and expertise would not otherwise be available.